Many people consider the following factors when buying a sex doll or a sex doll torso: price, appearance, material, feature, service life, and maintenance.

Now let’s talk about these factors for both sex doll and sex doll torso. Through the comparison, I hope you will clearly know whether you need to buy a sex doll or a sex doll torso.


Price is the factor that many customers consider first. Whether it’s a sex doll or a sex doll torso, it’s not cheap, usually over $200.

The cost of a sex doll generally ranges from $800 to $3,000. Sex dolls for about $800 are usually small in size. In many countries, regulations prohibit the import or purchase of small/mini sex dolls. Therefore, the sex doll you can buy should be taller than 140cm and shall not be childlike. Sex dolls over 140 cm may cost from $1,300 to as high as $6,000, such as RealDoll sex dolls.

However, sex doll torsos are usually much cheaper, with prices ranging from $200 to $1,000. Sex doll torsos are affordable for most people. Many people can pay for it with ease. The most expensive sex doll torso is the one with a head and arms only, which is about $1,000. A sex torso with a hip only is around $200.

If it is your first time to buy a sex doll, or if your budget is limited, a sex doll torso is your best option. If you spent $1,500 on a sex doll for your first time, but later you didn’t like it for some reason, you would waste a lot of money. Buying a sex doll torso can help you reduce the risk. For a small budget, the advantages of a sex torso are obvious.


Sex dolls have a better appearance than sex torsos. Especially the realistic sex doll seems just like a real person standing in front of you. You know she is only a toy, but you will still be attracted by her beautiful face, curvy figure, and delicate skin.

Sex doll torsos bring a kind of deformity beauty, like Venus de Milo sculpture, the partial body cannot hide her unparalleled beauty. For a sex doll torso without arms and legs, the smiling face will make you brave and let you face your life in a positive way.

With all being said, if you like the deformity beauty, a sex doll torso will be your best choice. If you like perfection, a sex doll will be the best for you.


When it comes to materials, sex dolls and sex doll torsos are very similar. Generally, they use TPE or silicone materials and are supported by metal skeletons. The biggest difference is that a sex doll uses a larger quantity of material. As a result, a sex doll is much heavier than a sex torso.


Overall, the features of a sex doll torso and a sex doll are relatively the same. But there are still some differences.

Let’s take the standing feature for instance. (There are three nails in each foot of the sex doll to support its standing). Sex dolls usually have the standing feature. For the sex doll torso, those without legs can never stand. You may buy the ones with legs or below the waist only for the standing feature.

Shrug feature. The shrug feature can only be added to the torsos with arms. However, almost all sex dolls can add this feature.

For other features such as hair implant, jelly breast, heating, and moaning system, sex dolls and sex torsos have almost no difference.

Service life

Sex dolls and sex doll torsos have almost the same service life. For high-quality products, under careful maintenance, their service life is about 3 to 5 years. Please do not worry. The low price of sex doll torsos is NOT because of the short service life or low material quality.


Sex doll maintenance is a very complicated process, which will make a lot of impatient people crazy. If you are not familiar with the maintenance process, you can read this article and I believe you’ll be scared by the steps.

In contrast, the sex doll torso maintenance is very easy.

If you want to clean your sex doll torso, you can simply rinse it directly with warm water. Whether it’s the skin or the inside of the body, just clean with water and dry.

When storing, just place it in a corner without direct sunlight.


Based on the above comparison, I believe you have a clear picture of the difference between a sex doll and a sex doll torso. You can easily choose the type you want to buy.

For first-time buyers, the AI SEX STORE still recommends a budget-friendly sex doll torso. Once you are good with your sex doll torso, then you can upgrade to a sex doll and explore a wonderful journey. Of course, you won’t waste a lot of money if your sex doll torso doesn’t feel good at all!


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