This article will demonstrate how to repair a minor tear or scratch on the sex doll torso. For your convenience, the AI SEX STORE will provide detailed repair procedures with a simple video.

It only applies to minor tears or scratches. Severe issues cannot be fixed by this method.

Required tools:



Repair solution (Available on Amazon or AI SEX STORE)

  1. Use a wipe to clean the tear to be repaired and its surrounding area. Gently open the tear of the sex doll torso with fingers and clean the inside with a wipe.

To prevent excessive tearing, gently open the tear with caution. When cleaning with a wipe, make sure the skin surface and the torn area are free of dust for a better adheres result.

  1. Open the tear with your fingers and dip the repair solution with a toothpick. Insert the toothpick directly into the tear (the pointing end should be dipped with the solution), then evenly apply the solution on both sides of the tear.

Note: Do not spill the repair solution outside the repair area during the repair process to prevent the skin of the sex doll torso from being burnt out. (The way repair solution works is to glue things together by dissolving them.) Please gently open the tear with your hands. Do not touch the repair solution directly with your hands to avoid skin burning.

  1. After the solution is applied, take the toothpick out of the tear. Then press the skin on both sides of the tear with your hands to allow the wound to fully adhere. Scrape off the excess repair solution (from the gap of the tear) with a toothpick and continue pressing the treated area with your hands for several minutes. Make sure the adhesion inside the tear is firm.

Note: When pressing the skin around the torn area, do it lightly and repeatedly. The excess repair solution from the tear must be cleaned to prevent the skin of the sex doll torso from being burned.

  1. Place the repaired sex doll torso in a place without direct sunlight. The repair fluid will be dried out, and the tear will completely adhere.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily repair a damaged sex doll torso. Here is a simple instruction video.

If you have any other questions regarding the sex doll torso repair, please post them in the comment section or send us an email.


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