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The sex doll torso contains only a part of a sex doll. Since the sex doll torso is not a complete sex doll, we can simply call it a sex torso. Life-size torsos look very realistic and have many kinds. Based on the configurations sex torsos can be divided into sex doll torso with a head, sex doll torso with arms, only sex doll torso only (only the upper or lower part of the body), lower body sex doll torso (torso below waist), and Cyberskin torso. By gender, sex torsos can be divided into male sex torso and female sex torso. Based on the production material sex torsos can be divided into silicone sex torso and TPE sex doll torso.

Compared to a regular sex doll, a love doll torso is cheap, easy to store and carry, and functionally the same as the sex doll. A full-size sex torso not only has delicate makeup, but also has the same features as a regular sex doll such as oral sex, breast sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, body temperature, and an intelligent moaning system. You only need a small space to store it, such as a wardrobe or under the bed. If you want to bring a small sex doll torso with you, you can simply put it in your backpack. If you have a limited budget, a cheap sex doll torso will be your best choice.

AI SEX STORE offers the best lifelike sex doll torsos with high quality and low price. If you’re buying sex toys for the first time, a life-size sex doll torso is a good option since a sex doll is very costly. Now, start looking for your favorite half torso sex toy. Look, the sex torso Alexa is smiling at you.