Welcome to AI SEX STORE. (AI means artificial intelligence, which has the same sound as the Chinese character “爱”. Therefore, AI SEX STORE is a sex toy seller that represents a perfect combination of love and intelligence.) We focus on providing our customers with a variety of the latest intelligent adult products. We mainly sell sex doll torsos now. But in the future, we will add more kinds of sex toys such as sex dolls, masturbators, massagers, and much more.

The AI SEX STORE team is young but full of energy. We uphold our belief in providing the perfect sex products for every customer. At the same time, we want more people to join us and experience the pleasure and happiness of sex. Therefore, we launched the AI SEX STORE online store. We like to provide exclusive sex toys for every customer who pursues orgasm and pressure. Sex doll torso is the first product category we have launched.

All our products come from brand manufacturers and are made of high-quality TPE, silicone, and alloys. All products are inspected by CE, FDA, and RoHS for quality assurance. Before we ship the products, we will conduct several procedures to check the product quality and integrity to ensure that our customers receive the perfect products. Let’s talk about the price. Our products come directly from the manufacturers, which allows you to buy your favorite products at the best price.

We can answer all your questions. Whether you have questions about the products, the price, or the shipping process, you can always contact us by email (we will reply within 12 hours) or by online chat. Meanwhile, we have prepared a FAQ section to help you quickly solve your problems.

AI SEX STORE is becoming your most reliable sex toy supplier.

The AI SEX STORE now offers the following services:


We offer various types of sex toys and products. Now we mainly focus on sex doll torsos.


Fast purchases and simple payment methods.


Free global shipping. You only pay for the product; and all other costs are on us (including shipping and customs fees).


Fast shipping and privacy protection.

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How to find AI SEX STORE?

You can find us by entering ``AI SEX STORE`` into search engines such as Google or Bing. You can also type our website address (aisexstore.com) directly in your browser. It is highly recommended that you bookmark our website (by clicking Ctrl + D) for easy access.
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